avbcPolska specialises in innovative trainings focused on high efficiency and practical knowlegde and immediate possibilities of skills implementation in real life situations.

Our main focus areas are the improvement of sales and management processes. Towards these ends we use patented didactic tools guaranteeing the maximalization of projected end effects and durablity of behaviour changes.

We work with a highly professional and skilled training staff. It consists mostly of experienced specialists in their respecttive fields – business practitioners, university lecturers and media people with thousands of hours of workshop experience. While selecting project teams we always put forward the specificity of the organization we work for as well as the particular project’s focus and the nature of relevant workshops.

The key goal of our work is to fill the gap between the planned (designed) actions and their actual, everyday realisation. We thus use the adequate tools to increase the effectiveness of execution, motivation, sales and communication.

Our intervallic methodology is based on the process of gradually smoothing the learning curve (the forgetting curve) described by Hermann Ebbinghaus, who discovered the relationship between the usefulness of information stored in our brains and its storage time. Put simply – in the course of time, the previously retained information is forgotten.

We therefore focus on transferring fragments of knowledge in specific time intervals, and the above assumptions provide a basis for all our workshops and training programmes.

avbcPolska is the official representative of alexander verweyen Business Consultants GmbH, Munich, Germany

The information about our services and solutions is available in English(click) on our German partner’s website.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly should you have any questions about issues not included in the above presentation.

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